Register a class for extra credit

To register a class or multiple classes for a specific individual event:

  • Log into the tracking system website using your University Net-ID and password
  • Click on "Track a New Lecture"
  • Check the box next to the relevant event or events
  • Scroll down and check the box next to the specific class(es)/section(s) being asked to attend. The system is linked to the Registrar's database, so the courses you teach should be listed under "Select Courses." If your course list registers as "none," please contact the Lectures Program office.
  • Click "Submit" and return to the home tab, where the selected events should now appear under "Your Tracked Lectures".

If you want to track all current and future lectures, do not use this page. Contact the Lectures Program to be registered to use the semester-long tracking feature. Semester-long tracking is for instructors interested in student attendance at all lectures. It is a tool for instructors who require students to attend a certain number of lectures per semester but do not specify which ones. Reports are accessible online until the start of the new semester. The spreadsheet will display student sign-ins for only the section(s) associated with your registered class.

Instruct your students to sign in

Students need to attend the lecture. Most lectures run 60-75 minutes. Instruct students to scan their ISU card AFTER the event at the Lectures-hosted workstation outside the lecture hall. Students who have lost or forgotten their ISU card may sign in with their Net-ID or university ID number. A Lectures Program employee will help facilitate the process.

Remind your students of basic lecture etiquette

  • Stay through the entire lecture and the brief Q&A that follows the formal presentation. If a student needs to leave early, they should sit near the back and exit discreetly.
  • Do not bring food or uncovered drinks into the lecture.
  • Cell phones, tablets and laptops may be used to take notes or for class assignments. Please check with Lectures staff before taking photographs or recording any portion of the event. There are often restrictions for individual recordings during the event.
  • Keep questions or comments brief and concise to allow as many as possible.

Accessing an Attendance Report

  • Log into the attendance-tracking website using your University Net-ID and password. The home page will display "Your Tracked Lectures."
  • Click the "View" link to display the list of students who attended the lecture. Click the "Export" link to download the data in an Excel spreadsheet.
  • You will be able to see only the students who checked in at the lecture and that are in a section that is associated with your class listing and the time they swiped their card at the end of the lecture.
  • Reports are accessible online until the start of the new semester.