Committee on Lectures

The Committee on Lectures is the funding arm of the Student Government for speakers and events. It works to bring to campus a broad spectrum of stimulating lectures, political debates, and academic forums; cultural events, including musical performances and art and dance programs; and entertainment such as film and comedy.

Committee on Lectures members represent a cross-section of students, academic disciplines, and administrative offices and work in close collaboration with student organizations, academic departments, university offices, and off-campus organizations. They are expected to have the vision and imagination to provide opportunities for students to think, learn, and act in new ways.

The Committee is open to a wide variety of programming and strives to be impartial in its consideration. While appeal to the student population is one criterion for event sponsorship, the Committee also recognizes the need to present topics to broaden student awareness.

The Committee on Lectures offers financial assistance to registered student organizations that wish to sponsor a public lecture or cultural event. The funds distributed by the Committee on Lectures are student fees allocated by the Student Government. The committee meets monthly during the academic year to evaluate requests for funding and advise student organizations planning events. Meeting schedules are set at the start of each semester.


The Committee on Lectures comprises up to twenty-eight voting members - faculty and staff and students - plus the director and event managers of the Lectures Program, who serve on an ex-officio basis. Two student chairs are elected from among these members.

The Student Government appoints up to eleven student members and at least two alternate members to the Committee on Lectures, and a cabinet-level official acts as a liaison between the committee and the Student Senate. The Graduate and Professional Student Senate appoints two representatives, and the Memorial Union Student Union Board (SUB) appoints one.

The Office of the Provost, which provides administrative supervision of the Lectures Program, appoints a faculty chair to the Committee on Lectures and approves faculty representatives nominated by each of the colleges. It also appoints at-large members to the committee.

Membership on the Committee on Lectures is open to all members of the university community. Students interested in joining the committee can find an application under the "Lectures Series" then "Join Committee on Lectures" link at the top of the page. 


2021-22 Members


Julia Campbell, Agricultural Business
Ryan Hurley, Business
Jacob Ludwig, Economics (co-chair)
Advait Mhaskar, Mechanical Engineering (co-chair)
Madesh Samanu, Computer Science
Jennifer Seth, Environmental Science
Clara Young, Vet Med

Faculty and Staff

Dave Gieseke,Veterinary Medicine (Veterinary Medicine)
Ted Grevstad-Nordbrock, Community & Regional Planning (interim faculty chair, Design)
Suzanne Lyndon, Business (Business)
Dan Nettleton, Statistics (Agriculture and Life Sciences)
Nacuya Rucker, Library (Library)
Laurie Smith Law, Honors Program
Elizabeth Stegemoller, Kinesiology (Human Sciences)
Clark Wolf, Philosophy and Religious Studies (LAS)
Amanda Knief, Lectures Program (ex-officio)
Irina Bassis, Lectures Program (ex-officio)