Short Circuit: Social Innovation--Creating a Public Voice

Ramsey G. Tesdell
11 Nov 2020
2:00 PM
  • Sowt Media
  • Student Innovation Center

Ramsey G. Tesdell is the executive director and a partner of Sowt Media, a leading Arab podcast network based in Amman, Jordan. Sowt Media’s podcast Eib, is one of the top podcasts in the region. Ramsey is on the advisory board for the Google / PRX Podcast creators program, and a founding partner of He has a B.S. in rhetoric and communication from Iowa State University and an M.S. in technical communication from the University of Washington in Seattle. He lives in Amman with his partner and two children.


  • What it means to build a business in a country embracing religious, legal, and social traditions that influence equity, diversity and inclusion
  • How innovation responds to rejection by promoting inclusion and diversity
  • Pathways for impactful innovation using electronic media forums
  • Why incorporating studies in technical communication is essential for success in business and advocacy