Perform the Protest: A Theatre Action for Our Time

ISU Theatre
25 Sep 2020
6:30 PM
Visit for each day's location.

ISU Theatre presents "Perform the Protest: A Theatre Action for Our Time".

In a world where so many things have happened in a short period of time, how do we give voice to issues we care about in real time and space?
Through "Perform the Protest," ISU Theatre will share how art becomes a universal language and allows us to better hear and understand each other.

Join us Sept. 21-25 at 6:30 pm for a series of daily live outdoor performances and/or virtual performances. Visit for each day's location. Through public speaking, acting, singing, performance and design, the ISU Theatre company will share the power of a person's voice and provide perspectives on the issues and ideas that matter to its cast members.

Be inspired by this unique theatre experience, facilitated by Tiffany Johnson, LAS Dean's Artist-in-Residence and artistic director of the Des Moines-based Pyramid Theatre Company. Performances will also be available via video on demand Sept. 26-Oct. 2. Visit our website for details.

Live performances are free. Video on Demand performances are "pay what you will" admission.

For details on ISU Theatre's 2020-21 "Season of Invitation" and upcoming fall productions, visit us online at