A Land Abroad: Why America Should Care About Russia’s Ongoing Invasion of Ukraine

Mark Temnycky
01 Nov 2023
5:30 PM
Sun Room, Memorial Union
  • Ukranian Club
  • Committee on Lectures (funded by Student Government)

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has been devastating. As the war enters its nineteenth month, one-fourth of the country’s total population is displaced, hundreds of thousands have died, and several cities and villages have been destroyed. To date, the United States has sent nearly $60 billion in aid. But why should America, a country thousands of miles away, be concerned about the war? In this lecture series, Mr. Temnycky will discuss Russia’s brutal war in Ukraine, the ramifications it has across Europe, and why the United States should continue to support this country.

Mark Temnycky is a Ukrainian-American who is a nonresident fellow at the Atlantic Council’s Eurasia Center, and an accredited freelance journalist who has been covering Eurasian affairs and European energy security matters for over seven years. He has been published by The New York TimesForbes, the Daily MailThe Hill, EUobserver, Kyiv Post, Euromaidan Press, Atlantic Council, and several other American and European news outlets and think tanks. He earned a Master’s Degree in Public Administration and a Master of Arts Degree in International Relations from the Maxwell School at Syracuse University; a Bachelor of Arts in History, with departmental honors from Le Moyne College; and a Certificate in International Relations from Georgetown University.

This lecture was recorded and is available on the Available Recordings page.