Ames Pridefest 2020 Storytelling Project: New Beginnings

Rita Mookerjee
29 Aug 2020
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Event link -
  • Ames Public Library
  • University Library

The Ames Pridefest 2020 Storytelling Project Presents: New Beginnings with Rita Mookerjee, Saturday at 6pm via Zoom!

Join Rita as she shares her story of navigating academia as a loud-mouthed, pissed-off, queer woman of color. She’ll share anecdotes and lessons learned as she chronicles her whirlwind first year as a professor. Topics will include education in the time of Trump, the evils of white feminism, the myth of “professionalism,” being the token minority, and what to do when life turns your plans upside down. Bring your burning questions and your friends.

The Ames Pridefest 2020 Storytelling Project is presented in partnership with the Ames Public Library and is sponsored by The Project of Primary Health Care, with one-on-one storytelling support from the ISU Writing & Media Center.  Join the Pridefest Storytelling Project!  #WhyAmesPride #StayInBeOut