ISU Lectures 60th Anniversary Celebration

Wednesday, 30 Aug 2017 at 3:30 pm – Great Hall, Memorial Union

Join us for an open house reception, 3:30-5:30pm, to celebrate the Iowa State Lectures Program! The Committee on Lectures was established in 1958 with a series of four speakers. For 25 years it was directed by professor James Lowrie and initially operated out of his office in the English Department. Today, the Lectures Program Office works with the Committee on Lectures, the National Affairs Series (est. 1968) and World Affairs Series (est. 1966) planning committees, as well as a wide range of student organizations, academic units, and administrative offices, to schedule more than 100 speakers each year.

This special event includes a short program at 4:30pm to recognize director Pat Miller's ongoing leadership and service.
Links: Poster slideshow | Program

To view a video recording of this event, click "Download podcast" in lower-right corner of this page.

Welcome - Steve Sullivan, National Affairs Series
Remarks -
Benjamin Allen, Interim President
Jonathan Wickert, Senior Vice President & Provost
Nora Tobin, Former Student Co-chair Committee on Lectures | World Affairs Series
Video Tribute - Produced by Kara Tenney
Liz Beck, Honors Program, Retired | Committee on Lectures | World Affairs Series

Celebration Planning Committee
Liz Beck, retired director of the University Honors Program and former Committee on Lectures and World Affairs Series member; Fern Kupfer, retired professor of English and former Committee on Lectures faculty chair; Hilary Seo, University Library Associate Dean and National Affairs Series faculty chair; Claire Wandro Orlando, former Committee on Lectures and World Affairs Series student co-chair; Abhishek Vemuri, former Committee on Lectures and World Affairs Series student co-chair; Joyce Knutson, Molly Helmers and Kara Tenney, Lectures Program staff

Video Tribute Participants
Aja Holmes, 2014 Education (PhD); Angela Hvitved, 2000 Biochemistry and Philosophy; Carrie Seim, 2000 Journalism & Mass Communication; Elise Miller, 2016 Genetics; Bob Katz, Bob Katz Enterprises; Tammy Choquette, American Programming Bureau; Zoë Kustritz, 2017 Industrial Design; Deepak Premkumar, 2014 Economics, Global Resource Systems, Mathematics; Claire Wandro Orlando, 2011 Global Resource Systems, French; Susan Carlson, Vice Provost for Academic Personnel and Programs, University of California

Special Thanks
Kim Anderson, Digital Initiatives Archivist, University Library (slideshow); Paolo Orlando (invitations); Jessica Carter and Alpha Copies (poster display); Heather Hall and Melissa Rowan, ISU Foundation; and Mittera Group
We also thank the Student Government and the Office of the Senior Vice President and Provost for their continued funding and support. Their partnership has made the program’s success possible.

Cosponsored By:
  • National Affairs
  • World Affairs
  • Committee on Lectures (funded by Student Government)

Stay for the entire event, including the brief question-and-answer session that follows the formal presentation. Most events run 75 minutes.

Sign-ins are after the event concludes. For lectures in the Memorial Union, go to the information desk in the Main Lounge. In other academic buildings, look for signage outside the auditorium.

Lecture Etiquette

  • Stay for the entire lecture and the brief audience Q&A. If a student needs to leave early, he or she should sit near the back and exit discreetly.
  • Do not bring food or uncovered drinks into the lecture.
  • Check with Lectures staff before taking photographs or recording any portion of the event. There are often restrictions. Cell phones, tablets and laptops may be used to take notes or for class assignments.
  • Keep questions or comments brief and concise to allow as many as possible.