Murmurs at Every Turn: The Natural and Human Migrations of Northern Greece

Julian Hoffman

Sunday, 10 Apr 2016 at 7:00 pm – Gallery, Memorial Union

Julian Hoffman's book The Small Heart of Things: Being at Home in a Beckoning World was awarded the 2012 AWP Award in Creative Nonfiction and the National Outdoor Book Award for Natural History Literature. Hoffman lives beside the Prespa Lakes in northwestern Greece, the first transboundary park in the Balkans. Shared with Albania and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, the lake basin is home to a rich range of people and languages, mammals and birds, wild flowers and habitats. It is a place of great diversity. Hoffman earns his living monitoring vulnerable, upland bird species where wind farms have been built or proposed. Pearl Hogrefe Visiting Writers Series
Julian Hoffman's other fiction and non-fiction have appeared, or are forthcoming, in EarthLines, Kyoto Journal, Beloit Fiction Journal, The Briar Cliff Review, Wild Apples, Flyway, The Redwood Coast Review, Fifth Wednesday Journal, Silk Road Review, Three Coyotes and Southern Humanities Review, among others.

"Faith in a Forgotten Place, essay by Julian Hoffman
2011 Nonfiction Award, A Journal of the Built and Natural Environments

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