Instructions for Tracking Attendance

Register a class

To register a class or multiple classes for a specific individual event:

If you want to track all current and future lectures, do not use this page. Contact the Lectures Program to be registered to use the semester-long tracking feature. Semester-long tracking is for instructors interested in student attendance at any and all lectures. It is a tool for instructors who require students to attend a certain number of lectures per semester but do not specify which ones.

Instruct your students to sign in

Students need to attend the lecture and stay for the brief question-and-answer session that follows. Most lectures run 60-75 minutes.

Instruct students to swipe their ISU card AFTER the event at the lectures-hosted workstation in the lobby outside the lecture hall. Students who have lost or forgotten their ISU card may sign in with their Net-ID or university ID number. A Lectures Program employee will help facilitate the process.

Remind your students of basic lecture etiquette