World Affairs Series

Since 1966 the World Affairs Committee - originally known as the Institute on World Affairs - has offered an annual series on a topic of international interest. The Committee on Lectures coordinates, reviews, and approves speakers and events planned by this committee.

Membership on the World Affairs Committee is open to all interested members of the university community. The Committee on Lectures appoints up to four representatives to World Affairs. These appointments are for three-year, renewable terms. The Office of the Provost appoints a faculty chair.

Students and faculty interested in joining should contact the Lectures Program director for upcoming meeting dates and times.

2017-18 World Affairs Series: The U.S. Role Abroad
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Past World Affairs annual themes include:

1970Latin America: Que Direccion?
1971The Role of the Military in the World
1972World Power in Flux
1973World Power in Flux
1974The Human Prospect: Interrelationships of People and their Material World
1975A Better Life? Agrarian Change in Developing Areas
1976Gulliver's Troubles: The United States Role Abroad
1977Human Dignity, Survival or Disaster — South Asia
1978Humankind in the 1980s
1980What's Ahead: The Challenge of the Eighties
1981Prospects for Peace
1982North-South Dialogue: Cooperation and Confrontation
1983International Communications
1984Central America and the Caribbean: Reform and Revolution
1985Tyranny or Freedom: Which Side Are We On?
1986Breaking the Barriers: The U.S.S.R. and the U.S.
1987Revolution and Social Change
1988The Pacific Rim Nations in the Twenty-First Century: Challenge for America
1989Global Tomorrow: Transforming the Ecological Crisis
1990Eastern Europe an the World in Transition
1991The New World Order
1992The New Economic Order
1993Africa: Old Myths, New Realities
1994Fifty Years after Hiroshima
1995Religions in the World
1996Population Development and Human Rights
1997Who Owns the World: Biodiversity, Bioethics, and World Trade
1998Why Should America Care?
1999Globalization: Prospects for Democracy and Freedom
2000Globalization: Trade, Debt, and Civil Disorder
2001What Is Terrorism? Death and Globalization in the New Millennium
2002Religion and Conflict
2003Outside Looking In: International Perspectives on Foreign Policy
2004Cultivating Democracy
2005Global Justice and Human Rights
2006Where Do We Go From Here?
2007Global Justice and Human Rights
2008Why Should We Care?
2009Can We Save the World?
2010In a World of Conflict: Finding a Way Out
2011The World in Transition
2012The World in Transition
2013Development, Defense and Diplomacy
2014Redefining Global Security
2015Redefining Global Security
2016Redefining Global Security