National Affairs Series

Since 1968 the National Affairs Committee - originally known as the Institute on National Affairs - has planned an annual series on a topic of national interest. The Committee on Lectures coordinates, reviews, and approves speakers and events planned by this committee.

Membership on the National Affairs Committee is open to all interested members of the university community. The Committee on Lectures appoints up to four representatives to National Affairs. These appointments are for three-year, renewable terms. The Office of the Provost appoints a faculty chair.

Students and faculty interested in joining should contact the Lectures Program director for upcoming meeting dates and times.

2017-18 National Affairs Series: Building a Better Democracy
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Past National Affairs annual themes include:

1970Violence in America
1971Indian: First Americans Last
1972Justice Tipped in Whose Favor?
1973Pop! Goes Our Culture
1974Playground to the Pros: Sport in American Society
1975The American Future: 1976 and Beyond
1976America on Film
1977The People's Right to Know
1978Art in America Today: A Public Matter
1979America's Economic System: Is it Obsolete?
1980Humor in America
1981The Bill of Rights: Taking Liberties
1982America's Spirit: Dreams, Myth, and Reality
1983Poverty: The Great American Nightmare
19841984: How Close Have We Come?
1985Growing Up in America
1986The Challenge of Technology
1987Controversy and the Constitution
1988Poverty in America: A Dream Deferred
1989Civil Rights in America: The Struggle and the Dream
1990Film in America: Actors and Images
1991Higher Education in a Democracy
1992The Bill of Rights: 200 Years of Conflict and Compromise
1993Reexamining the American Dream
1994Redefining the American Community
1995The Politics of Technology
1996Who Controls the Media?
1997Civil Discourse in a Democracy
1998Politics and Humor in America
1999Creating Reality: Film in America
2000Channeling Reality: Television in America
2001Growing Up in America
2002The Business of Music in America
2003Mass Media and Culture in America
2004Is the Bill of Rights in Jeopardy? Civil Liberties in the 21st Century
2005Politics and Humor
2006Defining Values in American Politics
2007- No theme -
2008Can Laughter Save America?
2009How Will America Change?
2010Innovation and Ethics: Are There Any Limits?
2011The Nation in Transition
2012The Nation in Transition
2015When American Values Are in Conflict
2016When American Values Are in Conflict