The Committee on Lectures comprises at least twenty-eight voting members - fourteen faculty and staff and fourteen students - plus the director and program assistant, who serve on an ex-officio basis. Two student chairs are elected from among these members.

The Student Government appoints eleven student members and at least two alternate members to the Committee on Lectures, and a cabinet-level official acts as a liaison between the committee and the Student Senate. The Graduate and Professional Student Senate appoints two representatives, and the Memorial Union Student Union Board (SUB) appoints one.

The Office of the Provost, which provides administrative supervision of the Lectures Program, appoints a faculty chair to the Committee on Lectures and approves faculty representatives nominated by each of the colleges. It also appoints at-large members to the committee.

Membership on the Committee on Lectures is open to all members of the university community. Students interested in joining the committee should fill out an application in the Student Government offices in the Memorial Union.